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 This  belated account from May when  the Sisters Mardesich - Stephanie &  Deborah -  were in the  Crescent City to represent and honor  our late brother Joseph M. Mardesich, III after donating the original  thesis and subsequent book  Who Shot Huey Long? based on the thesis as a permanent archive in his name at THNOC.

"Mr. Joe" is prominently featured in the exhibit and the exclusive audio tapes  he made of reporter Chick Frampton’s eye witness account of the shooting and Seymour Weiss regaling the virtues of  his best friend Huey Long are there to hear at the press of a "link" along with the entire thesis scanned and readable. It’s a huge honor for Joe, our family, The Lawrenceville School, San Pedro – the Port of Los Angeles and the people of Louisiana to whom Joe dedicated his book; and to our parents.


In May there was some participation by N.O. L'ville alumni at the special events we planned. See photos from the reception at the exhibit, Congressional Certificate and menu for the fabulous dinner at Antoine’s where in the “Dungeon” where Joe’s photo hangs above that of Errol Flynn.
            I'll (Stephanie) be returning to spend time in the exhibit arriving N.O. Sept. 23 and departing Sept. 29. One of Joe's best friends from the Bay area (the angel Carla Contestable) is winging in and hopefully Congresswoman Janice Hahn. And the "flying waiter" Ronnie Landry is ready to "Brulot"!

Lunch at Galatoire’s is on calendar for Fri. Sept. 25, wine has been stored at THNOC for another reception at the for those who might wing in, and dinner at Antoine’s Saturday evening Sept. 26.


 New Orleans is especially lovely in the early autumn. There are countless charming guest houses, boutique hotels, or the major hotel chairs for accommodations; and the finest cuisine in America. The a la mode KINGFISH restaurant near THNOC Chartres Street archives has a special prix fixe menu at $18.93 – an homage to HPL’s birthday September 8, 1893. We’ll definitely be going there! And the National WW II Museum is a must when visiting N.O.


 It would be our pleasure to see you at the exhibit and at table at one of our dining experiences.


 Once the exhibit closes the J.M.M., III archive will be permanently in THNOC Chartres Street archive and to our understanding accessible upon request, however there’s nothing like experiencing the exhibit and all it offers with regard to the ever fascinating “Kingfish” who was a legend in his time and in perpetuity.


 Hope to see y’all in a few weeks! Be in touch with any questions or to inform of your plans.
                                                                        All the best,

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