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Stephanie Mardesich September 2, 2015


Hello Lawrenceville class of 1964 and other friends/fans & curious individuals -


Stephanie Mardesich is returning to  New Orleans September 23-29 for culminating opportunity to appreciate The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) dynamic exhibition “From Winnfield to Washington: The Life & Career of Huey P. Long” commemorating the 80th anniversary of the shooting of “the Kingfish” of Louisiana. The exhibit closes October 11.

Stephanie Mardesich

To friends of "Mr. Joe" - this missive should have been sent yesterday, however consider it "Mardesich time" and though a day after the third anniversary of the passing of our brother Joseph M. Mardesich, III aka "Mr. Joe", "Tuna", "Mike" is no less meaningful because of the connection with the family of the Kingfish as the note below reveals.


In fact the note below is from the Audra Snider, the  great-granddaughter of Huey P. Long - the Kingfish - whose grandfather was Senator Russell Long, her mother and her aunt were his daughter  Pam Long Wolford and Kay Long, who resides in Baton Rouge.Sen. Long was  Huey's son who Joe was well acquainted with from Lawrenceville to Stanford (when he was an intern for Sen. Lee Metcalf of Montana).

We recently sent her and family an archival copy (there are only 14 and not all distributed)  of the entire original thesis WHO SHOT HUEY LONG?  and the 50th anniversary edition of the shorter book of the these Joe published in 1964.

Thanks to Joe's Lawrenceville classmate Peter Johnson, I was able to connect with Audra and her family that has meaning beyond  what words can describe ( and I'm a woman of a few thousand!).To make this "full circle" connection is something I believe my brother would find rather amazing, and meaningful. He had such a propinquity with the great State of Louisiana and its people and we are proud that he is being recognized and his work is part of preserving history in the state (and that is much thanks to Michael Wynne's connecting us).


My sister  Deborah and I  leave for New Orleans May 12 for  for the special official opening reception for the major80th anniversary pf the shooting of Senator Long exhibit:  "FROM WINFIELD TO WASHINGTON: The Life and Career of Huey P. Long"  THNOC » From Winnfield to Washington: The Life and Career of Huey P. Long now open at The Historic New Orleans Collection thru Oct. 11 that most who are on this (bcc) email know of is a great honor that our brother is included in  with his thesis and other archival items.

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